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Core Group Reformer Class*
Teachers: Carlos Requejo, Frances Taub, Stefanie Gazzana, Marybeth Kane
Our most affordable way for our clients to get a complete Pilates workout on the equipment. Ideal for those who want to supplement their private sessions with extra workouts during the week. Because of our high standard to form and safety, classes are limited to five (5) clients.

*Please note: Must have prior knowledge of Pilates repertoire on the reformer.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"In September of 2013, I had my right hip replaced. I was basically starting from scratch at age 65. After a year of just walking, I realized I had no strength or balance and slight sciatica in my right side. I had already made reservations for a cruise to the Caribbean and Spain, so I needed to start a program that would give me strength and balance that I could stick to.

I walked into Core Response two years ago and have gone twice a week since. The weeks flew by, and I could feel my thigh muscles and a few others coming to life. When it was time for my trip, I had gained confidence, balance, stamina and flexibility—and most importantly, I have been pain-free for two years now. I was in and out of the water, hiking up small hills and thoroughly enjoying myself without being afraid of falling and breaking something.

Most people may think Pilates is for the young; however, that is not true. It is for anyone who wants to feel good in their body. There is no competition. and everyone goes at their own pace and ability. My day is just brighter and my sleep is a nice deep sleep minus the tossing and turning. The classes are taught by caring and professional teachers whose goal is getting you to where you want to go. For me, it has been a life-changing experience—one that I will continue as long as I live. Try it! You might find out it is the best thing you have ever done for yourself."

—MJ Bell, Feb. 22, 2016