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Private Training

Intro Package
- For new clients only! Special discounted price: three sessions for $190.
- All sessions are 55 minutes and by appointment only at (310) 392-2151.

Three private, one-on-one training sessions are specifically designed to meet your needs—at an affordable price. You will be evaluated at the first session for postural and movement analysis, physical history, and fitness and workout goals. This class is an ideal way for you and your instructor to develop a cohesive and professional relationship.

Semi-private Sessions
All sessions are 55 minutes and by appointment only at (310) 392-2151.
An excellent and more affordable way to share the hour with a colleague, friend, spouse, or simply another client who shares the same ability levels and workout goals, while still receiving attention to detail during the session.

Group Classes
- Must have prior knowledge of Pilates repertoire on the reformer.
- All sessions are 55 minutes and by appointment only at (310) 392-2151.

Our most affordable way for our clients to get a complete Pilates workout on the equipment. Ideal for those who want to supplement their private sessions with extra workouts during the week. Because of our high standards for form and safety, classes are limited to five clients. You can reserve space online.

Core Response Pilates & Wellness
2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 212
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(310) 392-2151

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"I came to Core Response to stabilize, strengthen and relieve back pain. Since working with Carlos, my core now activates spontaneously. He is the quintessential professional. I wish all healthcare workers were as knowledgeable, dedicated and caring as Carlos. I have never felt better cared for."
—David Schriger, Jan. 16, 2016


"I have been coming to Carlos and Frances at Core Response for over 4 years. In that time, I have become stronger, more flexible, less prone to losing my balance, and I have much more energy then before I started. I feel rejuvenated! I love the friendly but professional ambience and the studio is spotlessly clean. The best place to be! I have sent several friends here, and they love it too."
—Charlotte Jepson, Feb. 18, 2016


"My goal when I came to Core Response was to ease the pain caused by scoliosis and spondylolisthesis. I definitely notice a difference in my mobility and pain level. I’m stronger, more flexible and open, and my pain level is lower. My posture is better, and I look healthier and more toned. Carlos really cares about the session. He fills the time and pushes me to work through all the muscle groups. Some trainers can be lazy and let clients off the hook. Carlos is focused, present and engaged in making sure I get a good workout, that I stretch properly, and that we make good use of the time. I really do value how committed everyone is to each session – and it’s not militant or un-fun! But focused and disciplined. That’s hard to come by!"
—Adria Tennor, Jan. 7, 2016