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Frances Powditch Taub

Frances began teaching Pilates in 2002 and was certified as a BASI (Body Arts and Sciences) trainer in 2006. She joined the staff at Core Response in 2009 and continues her education by attending workshops with Stott (John Garey), BASI (Rael Isacowitz) and PMA seminars, where she worked with Alan Herdman and Mary Bowen.

Before moving to the U.S., Frances was a State Registered Nurse at Guy's Hospital in London. She began practicing Pilates in the 1980s when she was pregnant, inspired by an ex-dancer she met at a dinner party in Hollywood. In 2000, Frances' passion for Pilates led her to study at the renowned Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI).

Frances' approach to Pilates is that of a healer. Her style is gentle and nurturing, working with a wide age range of clients from athletic to people in their later years who are trying Pilates for the first time. "I strive to instill a mind-body awareness into each training session—not just an exercise routine. I want my clients to feel good inside and strong from the inside out."

Crediting her own Pilates work for the unusually quick delivery of each of her two children, Frances offers her expertise in this area to Core Response's female clients. Drawing on early experience and training, she also designs Pilates sessions specifically for treatment of scoliosis, back pain and rehabilitation after surgery.

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