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Dr. Marco Milano

Dr. Marco Milano


Dr. Marco Milano

Marco Milano is an Italian native who has been involved in sports since playing basketball at the age of 10. In Italy, he received his Bachelor's degree in kinesiology and exercise science and a Master's degree in physical therapy. During his studies, he provided therapeutic massage and rehabilitation for professional and recreational athletes of various disciplines for more than ten years.

Active himself, Dr. Milano has incurred a variety of sport injuries, leading him to a better understanding of the human body and its abilities to perform and recover. He adds, "I believe my own injuries allow me to connect more deeply with my clients and help them in a more comprehensive way."

In 2008, Dr. Milano moved to the U.S. to expand his personal knowledge and professional practice. Since then, he has collaborated with NBA professional teams, the Nike track and field team during Olympic trials and marathons across the country, and provided massage and physical therapy for recreational athletes in the Los Angeles area.

In 2011, Dr. Milano became a nationally board-certified massage therapist through the NCBTMB. He continued practicing manual therapy applied to musculoskeletal rehabilitation, prevention and wellness.

In 2016, he completed his studies and received a doctoral degree in physical therapy from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles. The same year, he also received the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification,

which allows him to apply scientific knowledge when training athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts who want to improve athletic performance.

Dr. Milano currently serves as the head of Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy for the Red Bull High Performance Department in Santa Monica, where he takes care of professional athletes in action sports and other disciplines, including several Olympic medalists, X-game gold medalists and world champions.

In 2017, Dr. Milano decided to expand his practice, starting with a collaboration with Core Response Pilates & Wellness, where he provides therapeutic massage and physical therapy for private clients.

Driven by extreme passion for his field and the human body, Dr. Milano strives to give the best one-on-one experience to his clients. During each session, he may include hands-on work, neuromuscular re-education and tutoring for activity modification and training implementation to increase performance and reduce injury occurrence.

"I strongly believe everyone, not only professional athletes, deserves state-of-the-art treatment from a highly educated professional to improve the way we move and achieve a high quality of life," states Dr. Milano.

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