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Stefanie Gazzana



Stefanie Gazzana

After growing up in a small rural town in Wisconsin, Stefanie moved to Santa Monica in 1999. A few years later, following the birth of her two daughters, her interest in Pilates began.

Practicing the classical style of Pilates helped her to regain the core strength that was lost after gaining 70 pounds with each pregnancy. Engaging in the mind-body connection of Pilates, Stefanie realized how much she loved the patterns of the movement, the small muscle activation and the changes in muscle flexibility.

Stefanie became certified with Pilates Technique Certification, a Gratz equipment-based, classical style taught by the protégés of Joseph Pilates. She believes in a challenging workout that leaves you feeling taller and stronger. 

Stefanie's certifications include both TRX and TRX sports medicine. Maintaining a fitness regime is as important to physical health as it is to mental health, and so in her free time, Stefanie enjoys running, Crossfit, yoga and hiking. Stefanie is excited to be a part of the staff at Core Response Pilates.

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